Who do you want as the next Pitt head coach?

The year I graduated was the last of the Dave Wannstedt era. Ever since, it has been nothing short of a Steel Phantom ride. There have been some ups, but many downs. Personally, I have supported Paul Chryst ever since he was an offensive coordinator at Wisconsin. Today, I have to admit that I am still a supporter and cannot blame him for taking his dream job. I do believe, however, that even though he was only with us for 3 years, those 3 years brought some semblance of stability that we have not seen in some time. I am hopeful that the next head coach can build upon what Paul Chryst started.

There have been several hires already and the offseason has yet to begin. However, there are still plenty of viable options remaining. As a Panther fan, who would you like to see be the next head coach at Pitt?