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Pitt vs. Oakland: Open Gamethread and Guess the Score contest

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt faces Oakland today and, as I mentioned earlier in the week, today is our Guess the Score contest to win a pair of Pitt calendars, courtesy of our friends at Asgard Press. If you're not feeling lucky enough to win, you can also head over to their site and buy one outright - if you use promo code cardiachill14, you'll also get 10% off of your order.

For your chance to win two calendars, enter your guess at Pitt's final score below - this is the total number of points Pitt will score in the game. Please enter the final score of the entire game (including Pitt's opponent). You may also only enter once.

If two people guess the same total, the person who guessed first will win - in other words, don't guess the same amount as anyone else before you. If there is a tie (for example, someone guesses 73 and someone else guesses 67, and Pitt scores 70), the person closest to the opponent's total score will win. That will be the tiebreaker so be sure to enter both Pitt's score and Oakland's.

If there's still a tie, the person who was closest to the opponent's final score and guessed first (we'll go by the time of the comment in the gamethread) will be the winner.

You can guess all the way up until 4:00 p.m. EST - the start of the game. Any entries after that (even if at 4:01) will not be counted.