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Pitt Coaching Candidates: University wants to move swiftly in head football coaching search

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Most Pitt fans are hoping to have a new football head coach in place in a timely manner and the search committee apparently wants to see that, too.

Executive Vice Chancellor, Jerry Cochran, who is helping lead the search says that the committee wants to find a coach as soon as possible:

"Could it be done by Christmas? I guess that's possible," Cochran said via conference call Saturday afternoon. "Could it take until New Year's? I guess that's possible, too. But we want to get it done as quickly as we can.

"There are important things to think about, like our recruiting class. There are important things to think about, like reassurance to our continuing ballplayers, our guys coming back next year, about how good things are going to be for them. So as fast as we can get this thing done is how fast we want to get it done."

Be sure to read that whole article - lots of good info there. Nothing earth-shattering, but there's some good insight into what Pitt is thinking. Though, New Year's? Let's hope it doesn't run past that. Pitt knew about Chryst/Wisconsin for quite a while before he departed. The Chryst whispers began on December 10th and December 31st would be three weeks since then. You'd like to think they could wrap things up with a new coach having that much time - especially since, you know, they've done this dance three times already in the past four years

While Pitt can't afford to rush things, this isn't exactly a great time for the school to move slowly. There's not an immediately need for the bowl game as offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph is already poised to lead Pitt in the Armed Forces Bowl against Houston. However, with National Signing Day only a month and a half away (February 4th), Pitt needs to get someone in place quickly to help shore up this year's class.

The class isn't as big as some of the ones in recent years since the team is returning so many players. However, having already lost a couple of commits (and while Darrin Hall is up in the air), the class could dissolve even further without a clear direction.

Finding a quick replacement is ideal here and it's good to know that the search committee wants to make sure things move as quickly as possible.

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