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Pitt Coaching Candidates: Pat Narduzzi out of mix at Colorado State, could join Pitt per Pat Forde

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Go ahead and file this in the 'we'll see' category, but Yahoo's Pat Forde mentioned a couple of brief things relating to Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi in a tweet on Monday.

Forde says, for one, that Narduzzi won't be headed to Colorado State to become their next head coach. As I mentioned over the weekend, he was interviewing there and was a candidate of sorts. But whether it's his own decision or not, he apparently isn't going there.

In addition, Forde says that Narduzzi could indeed be headed to Pitt.

He didn't expand, and really, how could you in 140 characters? But Forde is one national guy who thinks Narduzzi could very well end up with the Panthers. That would jive with him being Pitt's top candidate, as was reported earlier, if it happens.

There have been all kinds of rumors on the Narduzzi front, but there's so much smoke at this point that it's hard to separate fact from fiction. Some had him being hired as soon as this weekend and others said it'll be him, but later. Others, say Marshall's Doc Holliday could even be the frontrunner.

As a national guy, though, Forde's opinion is a little more credible than that of Joe Fan, so it's worth mentioning.

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