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Pitt vs. Holy Cross: Open Gamethread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, crap.

Aron thankfully reminded me that the gamethread had not yet been posted and with all of the Pat Narduzzi stuff, I'm sure you can understand. Needless to say, Pitt (8-3) has a basketball game tonight against Holy Cross (5-4).

Like many of the non-con games, it's one that Pitt should win. The Crusaders shocked a ranked Harvard team in their opener, but have flopped miserably since then, losing games (by double digits, no less) to the likes of Canisius, Hartford, and Sacred Heart.

Still, with a Pitt team very much still finding themselves, nothing can be taken for granted here. I think the team's last game against Oakland, which went to overtime, proved that.

Take a break from football and join us at 7:00 to comment live during the game. Aron is set up with the esteemed media folk and will have a recap later after the post-game press conference. Game is, of course, on ESPN3.