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Pat Narduzzi to Pitt: Le'Veon Bell calls Narduzzi a 'Player's coach'

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We might not have much more news on the expected Pitt hire of Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi in the next few days. With Christmas break just about here, the Panthers aren't expected to name their next head coach until afterwards.

A lot of media and fans love the move and you can put current Pittsburgh Steelers running back (and former Michigan State Spartan) Le'Veon Bell in that category as well.

"I was an offensive player, so I always went against him in college. But when I watched him react to his defense, I know that our players loved him. They just loved playing for him. He's an overall great guy, a player's coach," he said.

Bell said he's happy Narduzzi will be coaching in the same city as him.

"So, it's crazy that he's going to be right across the street [hallway] from me. I'm just glad I'll be able to reunite with him, so I can support him and he'll support me again," he said.

That's good to hear obviously, and one thing I'll be keeping an eye on is the reaction of current players on the hire. Several of those players reportedly went to the administration and asked for current offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph to be hired. Rudolph was expected to be interviewed by Pitt, but was eventually bypassed by Narduzzi.

My guess, though, is that players will rally around Narduzzi. And if everything we're hearing about him and his personality is true, he should be a great motivator.

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