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Pat Narduzzi to coach Michigan State in Cotton Bowl before coming to Pitt

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Narduzzi was named as Pitt's next football coach on Friday, but the head coach won't be joining the team just yet.

Earlier this week, said that Narduzzi would be sticking around to coach Michigan State in their upcoming Cotton Bowll game against Baylor. Narduzzi himself confirmed that at the press conference, saying he will remain the team's defensive coordinator for that game.

That's not too much of a surprise since many coaches do that. While it'd be nice to see Narduzzi get started right away (and he, of course, has plenty to do in building a staff and getting the recruiting thing going), you have to try to be a little understanding in this case. Narduzzi wants to finish out his year with the Spartans and it's really hard to blame him for that at the end of the day.

The argument exists, of course, that college football is different than any other industry where you can kind of ease into the job. Still, it also shows some integrity on his end to finish out the season with his current team. I can see both sides of the coin here, though.

Michigan State will face Baylor in the bowl game next Thursday, so we've got a little while until we see him officially step into the job full time.

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