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Pitt Football Recruiting: Darrin Hall's history with Pat Narduzzi could keep him with Panthers

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago, four-star running back Darrin Hall reportedly said that he was on the fence regarding Pitt due to the coaching staff shakeup. Hall's main issue was that if running backs coach John Settle left, he 'was out.'

New Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi (assuming it's him since he says Pat), though, quickly reached out to Hall, apparently. Credit to one of our writers, JD, for the find on Twitter.

Hall's statement of 'We will be great' seems to indicate that he still sees himself as part of the Pitt family.

It should also be heavily noted that Hall actually had Michigan State as one of his finalists before he chose Pitt. Even beyond that, his history with Narduzzi goes back before the head coach arrived at Pitt since he recruited Hall at Michigan State.

Way back in February, Hall spoke of his constant contact with Narduzzi before a visit to Michigan State:

"This will be my first time up there," Hall said earlier in the week of his MSU visit. "I talk to coach (Pat) Narduzzi a couple times a week. I am hoping to learn more about the program."

Hall, of course, was also the recruit who had mentioned that Paul Chryst could stay at Pitt.

For the record, Hall never officially decommitted from the team (to my knowledge, anyway). He's also still listed as a Pitt commit on Panther Lair.

I've been over the depth at running back before, so the loss of Hall might not exactly spell the end of the world. But the Panthers have lost Sekai Lindsay, who has reportedly decommitted, so losing Hall would cut into that backfield depth.

Hall may have had legit plans to leave if Settle did, but Narduzzi is one guy he could stick around for just because of their past history.

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