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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Former Pitt target Kobe Eubanks decommits from Baylor

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt lost out on prized 2015 shooting guard Kobe (or Kobie, depending on who you ask) Eubanks earlier this year when he chose Baylor over the Panthers, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wichita State. Eubanks, however, has decommitted from Baylor and is back on the market.

Ironically, though, while Pitt heavily pursued him before, the Panthers may not be in the mix for him this time around. ZagsBlog has the list of schools that have reached out to him since he chose not to attend Baylor, and Pitt wasn't one of them - at least not immediately.

Who knows - maybe the Panthers will chase him down and contact him if they still haven't done so, but per ZagsBlog and several other reports, Pitt hasn't yet reached out to him. That could be for any number of reasons, including the 2015 class being currently full with the addition of Rozelle Nix last month. And not only is the class full, but Pitt likely has their eyes on other potential players for next year's class as well.

The reason for the decommitment is playing time, per his coach in the ZagsBlog article:

"It’s not that he has somebody else that he wants to go to or anything. The reason he decommitted was because he’s improving areas of his game and [Baylor] had some guys come in that were young that were similar guys at a similar position. And he thought he had a chance to go in there and play next year. Him staying here for the whole year, he wants to make sure he’s making the right decision and kind of look at it.

Eubanks is widely-regarded as a three-star recruit, but he saw his stock increase on Scout, where he's now listed as a four-star player.

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