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Nebraska fans not impressed with Paul Chryst rumors

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, some rumors broke that Pitt football head coach Paul Chryst could be a candidate to replace Bo Pelini at Nebraska. I've already given my reasons why that seems unlikely, but Nebraska fans are, shall we say, a little concerned about the possibility.

Several of them spoke out on Twitter and while some fans may be in favor of bringing in the current Pitt football coach, a good bit are not.

To the footage:

Like I wrote last night, firing a coach in Bo Pelini, who averaged more than nine wins per season to bring in Chryst seems a bit far-fetched. If anything, Chryst's stock has dropped since he took the Pitt job with three consecutive 6-6 seasons. It's hard to believe that fans would be all that enthusiastic about Chryst based on his on-field performance, so some of the reactions really aren't all that surprising.

Funny, but not surprising.

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