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Pitt vs. Duquesne: City Game Open Gamethread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we're only seven games into the season and to say Pitt has been through their ups and downs would be putting it mildly. Ugly games against Hawaii, San Diego State, and Indiana. A great performance against Kansas State and some victories over lightweights.

But think about it - had Pitt not crushed Kansas State so convincingly, most of us would have much of an idea what we thought of this team, really. In other words, this is still a team with a ton to prove.

Pitt gets Duquesne in the City Game tonight and if you're thinking this is a team Pitt is guaranteed to walk all over, think again. The Dukes are 3-1 and have blown out their opponents in all three wins. Yes, they lost to a bad NJIT team by a few points, but Duquesne scores points in bunches.

Now, I get it - the run and gun style doesn't exactly carry over against a tougher opponent like Pitt, but then again, just how tough is Pitt right now? And when you factor in that this is a game Duquesne players circle on their calendars every year, there's good reason to be wary.

The Panthers could dominate this one just due to the advantage in talent. But if they come out shooting badly facing a team that shoots lights out (i.e. see Hawaii), you don't need me to tell you that things could be closer than expected.

Join us at 7:00 p.m. to comment live during the game, which will be on ESPN3.