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Pitt Football Recruiting: 2015 DL DaVon Hamilton flips from Ohio to Pitt to Kentucky

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Commitment doesn't seem to be a word in DaVon Hamilton's vocabulary.

Hamilton was committed to the Ohio Bobcats when he flipped to Pitt over the summer. Now, after committing to the Panthers, Hamilton is on the move yet again as the defensive lineman is ditching Pitt for Kentucky.

So why the change of heart? Because Kentucky's great, after all. Not just great, but great. Great, I said. (Great)

"Great area, great place, great team, great program, great university," Hamilton told Wiltfong.

I don't begrudge kids changing their minds - not at all, actually. And it'd be pretty stupid to have sour grapes after losing a kid that had committed elsewhere first. Lastly, it's better for a kid to leave before signing with a program than transferring out after he's come on board.

But choosing three different schools all within the course of a year before even reaching college is just, well, weird. Thing is, he might not even be done moving around (see below).

Hamilton leaving Pitt hurts for a few reasons. First, Pitt doesn't have enough playmakers on the defensive line and he could have helped out there. And in terms of the defense as a whole, he was one of the few recruits on that side of the ball this year. His absence leaves the Panthers with only four true defensive recruits for the 2015 class and, considering that unit has struggled far more than the offense has, losing any defensive player hurts.

One school that has been potentially interested in Hamilton is Ohio State. He visited there last week, so you know, he may be still shopping himself around. As he's from Ohio, it will be interesting to see if an offer from the Buckeyes gets him to change his mind yet again.

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