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Deck stacked against Pitt football when it comes to bye weeks for 2014

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Pitt's ACC schedule was released recently and as we discussed, it's a pretty favorable one for the Panthers. No Florida State, no Clemson, no Louisville. Virginia Tech at home. Road tests at Miami and North Carolina will be difficult to say the least, but overall, it's a lighter schedule than this season.

One thing I didn't look at was the bye week factor. Fortunately, ACCFootballRx did a good job of that, and the news isn't great for the Panthers.

Pitt is actually facing the most teams coming off of a bye week in the conference. In fact, four of the Panthers' eight ACC foes will have a bye week before facing Pitt. You can counter that with the likes of Boston College and Virginia - both of which don't face a single opponent with a week off ahead of their matchup.


I get it. Scheduling is difficult ... okay, so it's really difficult. Not only are there non-conference games to consider, but a slew of other things including games of other local professional teams, TV, travel, and loads of other things. Still, that seems a bit off.

If Pitt had four and everyone else had two or three, things might not be so bad. However, nine of the conference's 14 teams either have zero opponents coming off of a bye week or only one. That just seems like the deck is really stacked against Pitt. For the record, Florida State is another team with a gripe as they face three such opponents.

I don't know - while it's hard to get too worked up over this, don't also forget that the ACC bent over backwards to give Pitt an unbelievable home slate last year. Also, to be fair, Thursday night games have a small hand in this. For example, while Boston College doesn't face any teams off of a bye, they do get two teams that have an extended break due to playing a Thursday night game.

Still, it is something that makes you scratch your head. To face four teams coming off of bye weeks while some programs don't even come across that scenario a single time is just ... strange.

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