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ALL THE LINKS: Weekly Pitt link dump / "Cypress Avenue" (Van Morrison)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

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Cyprus Avenue -Van Morrison Live - Fillmore East 9/23/70 (via R. R. Rubin)

Rough weekend for Pitt all around. The basketball team lost to North Carolina and the top ten wrestling program dropped two matches. The baseball team won its opener and the tennis team moved to 3-0, but all in all, some disappointing things.

Live music this week from Van Morrison with "Cypress Avenue."

Onto the links:

Some depth issues at quarterback for the football team

Wide receiver Devin Street talked about the NFL Combine last week with The Fan

Steve Pederson talked to ESPN about the football team's first ACC season

The baseball team is getting ready for their first ACC season

The Trib looks at the basketball team's resume for the NCAA Tournament

The women's tennis team moved to 3-0 on the season after sweeping Robert Morris

Former Pitt point guard Sean Miller is embracing expectations at Arizon

ACCFootballRx looks at Heinz Field and other ACC venues

Athlon has a look at ACC recruiting classes, broken out by the rankings of the major sites

Athlon also named the top 25 ACC running backs of the BCS era

ACC basketball has fallen short of expectations this year

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