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Pitt basketball team has time to sort out its issues

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

The issues facing Pitt's basketball team are well-documented. Poor shooting and fading down the stretch are the biggies and because of that, Pitt has had seven games in a row where they've either lost or had to scratch to win. The three wins over that stretch have been by a combined 14 points and two of them went to overtime/double overtime.When you throw in that those three victories came against Maryland, Virginia Tech, and Miami, some pretty average foes, the struggles are even more evident.

The good news? Pitt has some time to get things figured out.

The Panthers' next game isn't until next Sunday against Florida State. Pitt has plenty of time off to get their guys back to 100% and also get prepared for Florida State.

Things like shooting come and go and at this stage in the season, a week isn't going to fix that. One thing that could be addressed, though, is the team's execution down the stretch. Pitt's offense has been spotty in general, but that's been even more the case late in games. Jamie Dixon will have time to get the team right and work a little on late-game strategy.

Pitt won't be playing the best the conference has to offer over these last five games, but this is an important stretch coming up. Some time off right now could be just what the team needs to refocus and get themselves right for the stretch run.

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