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The Week Ahead: A light week sees Pitt host Florida State

Pitt will return home to entertain the Seminoles in a game they must win.

Pitt needs The Zoo to pull them through to the NCAA tourney.
Pitt needs The Zoo to pull them through to the NCAA tourney.
Justin K. Aller

The one thing Pitt can hang their hats on is that they do not have a bad loss as of yet. They don't have a great win, either, and that is becoming a real concern. As long as they win the games they should down the stretch, they still should get into the tourney. However, does Pitt want to just sneak in or do they want to start gaining a better seed for March? Of course it's the latter so it will all start with a very light week that sees Pitt off until Sunday when it returns home to face Florida State.

The Seminoles are 15-10 and 6-7 in the ACC, and will have to face the red-hot North Carolina Tar Heels this evening before coming to Pitt Sunday evening. If you have access to ESPNU, you can view the game at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. After such a tough week to bounce back from, let's hope The Zoo is in full force on Sunday evening, as the Panthers will need to feed off of their energy and prove that they are more like the team that played Syracuse and North Carolina to the wire and not the ones that edged by Miami and Virginia Tech.

There are lots of people claiming that Pitt is getting close to being on the bubble. I feel like that talk is premature since they have 20 wins and no bad losses. However, a few bad losses out of these final five games, and all of a sudden, that thought doesn't seem so far-fetched anymore. Losing to Florida State at home would be a bad loss.

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