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Pitt football hires Greg Lewis as receivers coach

Jamie Squire

Pitt football head coach Paul Chryst finished his coaching staff with the hiring of Greg Lewis as the team's receivers coach. Lewis replaces Bobby Engram, who left for an NFL job with the Baltimore Ravens.

The pro is that like several of Chryst's hires, Lewis brings NFL experience. I'm always a fan of that since it's an easy sell to recruits. The coaches know what it takes to get to the pros and even for the kids who don't get there, they're getting taught by the best of the best.

The con, if you're looking for one, is that Lewis is a fairly inexperienced coach. Lewis played in the NFL as recently as 2010 and has only two years of experience - both were as a receivers coach at San Diego and San Jose State. It's hard to imagine he has a ton of recruiting experience and is still finding his way as a coach.

Overall, not a terrible hire, I suppose. Pitt gives up a little with experience to get a pro guy and that seems to be something Chryst values.

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