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Panther Poll of the Week: Your take on football staff coaching changes

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So in honor of Valentine's Day last week, we gave you this. That seemed to spark some interest, so for now, we'll see about trying to make this a weekly feature.

For now, I'm calling this Panther Poll of the Week. Lame-o. But until I come up with something else, that's it.

This week's question comes on the heels of the football coaching staff changes announced recently. ICYMI, Paul Chryst made numerous changes to the staff:

- Troy Douglas was hired in the secondary and brings some good experience

- Matt House gets shifted to linebackers (still remaining in charge of the defense)

- Hank Poteat steps in to help Douglas in the secondary

- Chris Haering assumes control of special teams, giving the team a coordinator there - he will also remain as a linebackers coach

- Brooks Bollinger left and Paul Chryst will take over the duty of managing the quarterbacks

- Pitt hired John Settle, a former NFL player and coach, to manage the running backs

- Pitt hired Greg Lewis, a former NFL player and collegiate wide receivers coach, to manage the receivers

- And Desmond Robinson, the player personnel coach - HE GONE

Which of those moves last week are you most excited about? Which one leaves you scratching your head a little?

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