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Panther of the Week: Cam Wright

Cameron Wright was a bright spot in a tough loss to Florida State

Cameron Wright brings The Zoo to their feet in yesterday's loss to Florida State.
Cameron Wright brings The Zoo to their feet in yesterday's loss to Florida State.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

This was a tough loss for the Pitt Panthers last night, but one thing that was consistent was the heart and hustle of Cam Wright. During a frustrating performance by the home team, Wright stood out with 12 points, four rebounds, two assists, and one block, among a number of hustle plays. While the majority of the Panthers came out sluggish on senior night, the Cleveland, OH native was one of the few Panthers that came close to hitting 50% of his attempts from the field. Because of this, he is our Panther of the Week in a span that only included the loss to Florida State yesterday.

Lamar Patterson came on late and finished with 22 points. However, 16 of those came in the last three minutes of the game. Before the last several three-point launches, Patterson's shooting was on par with the rest of the Panther lineup, save for a couple of players, including Wright.

Over the past month or so, Pitt has been very inconsistent, but one thing they can always count on is the energy and focus that Cam brings to the floor night in and night out, no matter the opponent or situation. The junior is starting to make a name for himself and is now averaging almost 11 points per game. I have a feeling if Wright focuses on his shooting in the off-season, we could be seeing his name an awful lot next season in this column.

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