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Pitt home field advantage at Heinz Field 'middle of the pack'

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Heinz Field isn't a daunting place to play - most of us realize that. But College Spun gave us some basic numbers in terms of how Pitt fares at home against the rest of the conference - and the nation.

During the BCS era, Pitt has a 67-39 record - good enough for a .632 winning percentage. That ranks the Panthers closer to the bottom of all ACC teams (10th out of 15 teams), but in the upper half of the entire FBS at No. 54. While that's technically in the upper half of the FBS, it's in the bottom of half when you look at just the teams in the five major conferences.

Since we're talking the entire BCS era, there are some good teams in there from the later Walt Harris and Dave Wannstedt eras as well as some weaker teams. Overall, to win only 63% of your home games (especially in the weak Big East) is just pretty disappointing.

To me, it's more about the players and the coaching since Heinz Field just isn't an intimidating place to play 90% of the time. And while there's been some talent on the team, the coaches haven't always gotten the most out of them.

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