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Pitt vs. Boston College: Open Gamethread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Pitt takes on Boston College tonight as the Panthers try to right their somewhat sinking ship. While it's not time to start searching for the panic button just yet, with three straight losses, the Panthers are getting close to must win status if they want to guarantee themselves a shot at the tournament. A loss to Boston College tonight would start to put things in real jeopardy.

The Panthers don't yet have that 'bad' loss we've talked about, although dropping the game to Florida State on Sunday was about as close as it comes. Without a marquee win, Pitt can ill afford to take on bad losses and losing to the Eagles tonight would be as bad as they come.

Boston College, of course, has the huge victory against Syracuse last week. Other than that, though, their season has been a disaster. The Eagles are 7-20 overall and at 3-11 in the ACC, are one of the worst teams in the conference. And when you factor in that two of those conference wins are against the worst team in Virginia Tech, it's easy to see that Boston College isn't a team you want to lose to.

There was the Syracuse win, but they then promptly went out and lose to Miami by 27 points. The Eagles, quite simply, aren't a good team. Even on the road, this is a game that Pitt has no business losing.

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