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ALL THE LINKS: Weekly Pitt link dump / "Cult of Personality" (Living Colour CM Punk Wrestlemania 29 Entrance)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Wrestlemania 29 CM Punk Entrance (via Christian Garcia)

Last week wrestling fans were dealt a cruel blow when CM Punk abruptly left the WWE. If you're not a wrestling fan, just know that it's a big deal. As a salute to the Best in the World, we've got his live intro from Wrestlemania 29 with Living Colour belting out his theme song.

Onto the links:

Jamel Artis is adjusting well to a new role - Of the players that have stepped up since Durand Johnson's injury, Artis has been the top reserve

Paul Chryst had a hand in the development of Super Bowl QB, Russell Wilson

ESPN broke down how Duke stopped Lamar Patterson last week - they didn't mention it, but I hear that Kryptonite had something to do with it

Rivals has word of a local walk on wide receiver for next season

ACCFootballRx looks at eight vs. nine conference games for the ACC (Part 1 and Part 2) - If given the choice, I think I'd prefer eight games. Would like to see Pitt get the chance to play Penn State, West Virginia, and others a bit more

Ron Cook seems to be backtracking on Pitt a bit - At this point, I'm just confused

The Pitt News looked at the success of the wrestling program

Aaron Donald impressed during Senior Bowl practice week - Never got to this last week, but he was named practice player of the week, though

DeJuan Blair is having fun with the Dallas Mavericks - change of scenery did him a world of good

Dick Groat was honored at the Duke game - he played at Duke, broadcasts for Pitt, and was an MLB MVP ... some life

ESPN has Lamar Patterson at No. 7 on their Wooden Award list

Pitt was one of several schools that started a transfer quarterback last season

Pitt-Johnstown wrestling won their eighth meet in a row, are 10-1, and ranked No. 13

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