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Pitt Football Recruiting: Top Five Developments from 2014 National Signing Day

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt's National Signing Day yesterday was relatively quiet. Still, I cobbled together a Top Five for the day:

5. Jamal Davis signs on time - Linebacker Jamal Davis was expected to fax his LOI in a day late since he tweeted in the morning that he didn't have school and would sign on Thursday. But someone must have gotten him to a fax machine since he came through a little later. Having any late signees generally causes some discomfort so it was good to get him in on time.

4. Adonis Jennings last of big names to come through - Every year, there's always one big recruit that seems to come in a little later. Jennings was that kid this year. Of Pitt's 'Big 4' of Jennings, Alex Bookser, Mike Grimm, and Chris James, Jennings was the last to get his LOI in. But late in the morning with some fans a little on edge, he finally did come through and sign.

3. JaQuan Davidson will start at wide receiver - Lots has been made of where incoming recruit JaQuan Davidson would play, but head coach Paul Chryst said during his presser later in the day that Davidson will start at wide receiver. That's a pretty interesting move considering Pitt's depth there. Davidson was capable of playing on offense or defense, and with Tyler Boyd and Adonis Jennings there, there's some quality young stars there that could eat up a lot of playing time.

2. No new quarterback - There was a lot of wondering if Pitt would attempt to bring in another quarterback with Wade Freebeck's defection, but Chryst announced at his press conference that that won't happen. Chryst will head into the spring with Chad Voytik, Trey Anderson, and incoming freshman Adam Bertke. As we noted earlier in the day, that will work out if Voytik stays healthy and is capable. But if he's not, Pitt's options back there get a lot thinner. The team likely wants to redshirt Bertke if at all possible and if something happens to Voytik, things could get awfully desperate.

1. Wade Freebeck signs with Vandy - Freebeck made his flip official by signing with Vanderbilt. It was an unfortunate move for the program but doesn't have to be a huge problem if Bertke proves he can compete with other incoming freshmen. The chances that Pitt will look to add another quarterback in 2015 just went way up.