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2014 Bracketology: Pitt and latest NCAA Tournament Bracket Projections

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First, my apologies if this is out of date by the time it gets posted. The information is current as of Monday night but at this time of the year, many sites are updating their bracket projections daily (or even more than once a day).

But as of Monday night, most esteemed projections out there aren't holding Pitt all that highly.

SB Nation has Pitt as a 10-seed in an intriguing match-up with UConn. ESPN's Joe Lunardi also has Pitt as a 10-seed and one of the final four teams that get in avoiding the play-in game.

Things get a little dicier according to other sites, though. USA Today has Pitt in, but via the play-in game. Jerry Palm at CBS Sports doesn't have them that low, but does have them as an 11-seed.

Look, I don't know here. The good news is that all of those folks have Pitt in one way or another. The flipside, obviously, is that if the Panthers lose their first ACC Tournament game, those latter two projections probably would have things getting interesting.

Personally, I maintain that Pitt is in either way. I'm not going to rehash Pitt's entire resume, but that 7-2 conference road record to go along with 23 wins is just too much to ignore. A lot of it depends on what the teams around them do, but another win and I think Pitt avoids a play-in game.

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