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Pitt finally gets its 'quality' win over North Carolina, 80-75

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the late recap. But after vacation and an immediate bout with getting sick, my days have consisted of going to work, coming home, and immediately falling asleep for several hours ... then getting up and going to bed for the night. Fun.

Due to work, I didn't catch the game today, but safe to say that Pitt finally got its big win.

First, as I said before - Pitt has come 'oh so close' this season to grabbing a big win. They were basically even with North Carolina earlier this year before the Tar Heels won late. They lost on a last-second shot to Virginia. They lost on a virtual hail Mary to Syracuse.

This isn't a team that was incapable of beating a great team - it's just one that came up a little short and had some rotten luck.

Pitt played extremely well and deserved to win. The biggest problem with this squad, though, has been finishing games out. And had it not been for a huge lead that virtually made losing impossible, the Panthers likely come up short again.

It's frustrating to see, primarily because of who did the choking. A guy like Josh Newkirk missing two free throws late like he did with three minutes left isn't all that surprising. But for Cam Wright to go 1-4 after that? For James Robinson and Lamar Patterson to miss several three free throws and turn the ball over four times in the last five minutes? Come on - that type of crap just can't happen. A win is a win is a win, but ...

Anyway, so Pitt is obviously not playing to get in the tournament anymore, but rather, playing for seeding. That will come in a separate post.

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