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2014 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket and Review: An early look at the men's college basketball tournament bracket

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We'll be doing some sort of bracket contest again...just need to get it figured out. Until then, if you're looking for a printable bracket to use for your picks, here's one courtesy of ESPN. The great thing I like is that it has the records on it as well.

I'll be looking at it from Pitt's vantage point a little later. But here are a few other observations in general.

Louisville really has the biggest complaint IMO. Rick Pitino thought his team would be a No. 1 seed and to stick them with a No. 4 is really a bit ridiculous. That team is legit. The Pitino statement was really more one that was wishful thinking, but I thought a No. 2 was deserved.

North Carolina State got in. Partially due to Coach K's statement? I don't know, but that was a team more than not thought would not get in.

Out West, the only 'Pitt' related thought here is that I think getting stuck with a No. there would have been worse. Getting Gonzaga out in CA would have been a road game as would have been playing Arizona there. I don't like their current position, but I think that would have been worse.

The bracket is pretty Wichita State proof. I just don't see any way they get through a potential gauntlet of Kentucky, Louisville, and Duke or Michigan.

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