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NCAA Tournament: Pitt vs. Colorado Open Gamethread

Pitt's quest for a deep NCAA Tournament run starts today with an opening-round game against Colorado. Technically, it's a game that Pitt looks like they can win. But as we all know, the Panthers are hardly a given to beat anybody when you expect them to.

The game is at 1:40 p.m. or thereabouts. If you managed to get away from work, join us and comment during the game in the open thread below. Also leave your pregame thoughts before the contest. How do you see it playing out? What does Pitt need to do to win? Let us know.

I like Pitt's chances here, but hey, I'm sure the Colorado fans are likely thinking the same. It's an 8/9 matchup and these kinds of games are designed to be tossups. The fatal flaw for Pitt is that they sometimes play up (or down) to the competition. Pitt may be the better team but if they're looking ahead to Florida, that would be a mistake.

That said, the way that Talib Zanna came out in the ACC Tournament combined with the flat performance by the team against Wichita State last year makes me think this is a team that will be ready to put forth a good effort. I'll take the Panthers by eight.

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