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Ranking NCAA Football/Basketball Coach Tandems ... Just Because

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

These types of lists seem to make their way out into the public every so often. That doesn't mean it really gets old for me, though.

Athlon took a stab at ranking the top football and basketball coaching tandems at NCAA schools. When it came to Pitt, the Panthers checked in at 38th overall. That also ranked the school eighth in the ACC, for what it's worth.

Jamie Dixon is clearly the stronger of the two coaches in terms of what they've done so far. NCAA Tournament appearances every year, never fewer than 20 wins ... all he does is pile up victories and despite the postseason shortcomings, the school is extremely fortunate to have him. Paul Chryst is obviously a bit unproven and with two straight 6-6 years, he's approaching the do or die mode. I don't think he's in any kind of danger of losing his job and he almost certainly has at least two more years, but it's easy to see how Pitt is a bit further down the list based on the lack of true football success.

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