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Pitt vs. Florida: Open Gamethread

It's officially time for the biggest game of the year, folks.

After Pitt dispatched Colorado, they now move on to face No. 1 seed Florida this afternoon. I won't say the Panthers are playing with house money yet because winning one game is rarely enough. But hey, after 25 wins and an NCAA Tournament win with a team that was known to be still rebuilding, it's already difficult to complain about this season. That said, Pitt has the talent to win this game and a loss will still feel pretty empty to some degree.

Plus, it's really about time Pitt overachieved for once. We're so used to this team falling short in the NCAAs that it'd be nice to actually beat a higher seed for once ... and no, beating an overseeded No. 8 team doesn't count.

Game time around 12:15 p.m. Stop in and hang out for the open thread and leave your pre-game thoughts below.

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