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Bill Belichick likes the Gators. And visors. Indoors.

As if things couldn't get any weirder at the Pitt-Florida game with Mike Tomlin showing up in Pitt gear, then this happened:

I'm pretty comfortable in saying that we all get the Mike Tomlin/Pitt link. Sure, it's a little odd that he's all the way down in Florida to see the basketball team, but as coach of the Steelers, it seems like less of a reach. I'm pretty sure I've also seen Tomlin at Pitt games at The Pete so it all seems kinds of reasonable, even with the distance factor in going all the way to Orlando.

FWIW, Belichick and Billy Donovan appear to be good friends. But ... still - Just creepy.

Not only is he rocking the visor, but he's doing so indoors. Seriously, who even wears a visor these days besides golfers ... and inside? And, seriously - what's up with the half-buttoned shirt?

Sorry, got to find something to take my mind off the loss - sue me.

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