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Athlon ranks Pitt and the other ACC football rosters

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Athlon continued their offseason football rankings last week and took a look at the rosters in the ACC for 2014. The Panthers, for what it's worth, finished eighth in the conference.

Before you get all bent out of shape, just know that the rankings appear to have been formulated solely on recruiting rankings according to 24/7 over the past five years. Based on that, here were Pitt's recruiting classes over that time span:

2010 - #34

2011 - #58

2012 - #42

2013 - #33

2014 - #44

For the most part, not awe-inspiring. But yeah, it's pretty hard to determine a roster's talent based only on recruiting rankings. Even a guy like Tyler Boyd that was projected as a high player really looks more like a five-star recruit than the four-star one that he was projected as. James Conner had a big role on the team and played well last year, but was only a two-star. Conversely, a guy like Chad Voytik was a four-star kid, but we have no idea if he'll live up to that.

To some degree, this all comes out in the wash a little bit - some overperform and others underperform. Still, it's really hard to take this kind of stuff too seriously if recruiting rankings are the criteria.

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