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Poll of the Week: How did you feel about Pitt's basketball season?

Did the Pitt Panthers' basketball season unfold as you thought it would?

Jamie Dixon and the Panthers wait for your answer.
Jamie Dixon and the Panthers wait for your answer.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With basketball season officially over for the Panthers, we'll be starting a new feature here at Cardiac Hill - a poll of the week.

Up first, we're curious as to how the Pitt basketball season unfolded in your eyes. Did Jamie Dixon's squad meet your expectations? Were you disappointed by their season as a whole? Did they surpass your wildest dreams of how far they would go? Over the past few days, the majority seem to be relatively pleased with Pitt's season in the aftermath of the Florida loss, but let's officially put it to a vote.

There were a lot of question marks coming into the season for Pitt and no matter how they ended up, we are asking you to judge Lamar Patterson and company based on how you thought they would do at the start of the season compared to how they finished. Give us your thoughts below ... or Anson will track you down and his wrath will be unleashed:

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