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ALL THE LINKS: Weekly Pitt link dump / "Lovely Rita" (The Beatles)

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Happy Opening Day. After years of hitting most of the baseball Opening Days, I was prepared this year to skip it. A lot of times it's cold and sitting at a Pirates game in 40 degree weather isn't all that pleasant. Plus, with 162 games, you've got plenty of chances to go. But when I saw a forecast of a sunny day and 60, it was too much to pass up.

Music today courtesy of the Beatles - Lovely Rita. Onto the links:

Chas over at Pitt Blather makes a good point about the recent mechanics adjustment by Chad Voytik this spring about coming too late

The Trib has a look at the defensive backs

The Pitt News has a great look at the seating situation in the Oakland Zoo for students facing away from the TV cameras

KDKA talked to starting quarterback Chad Voytik recently

The PG takes a look at the offensive line during Spring practices - I've said it before, but while the line will be good next year, they could be incredible in 2015

ESPN also has a look at Pitt's offensive linemen

Pitt is holding a fan event in lieu of the Blue-Gold game this year - don't get me started on this

Scout says Isaac Bennett and Ray Vinopal are becoming leaders for the football team - it's pretty amazing that as recently as early last season, a lot of fans wanted Vinopal off the field.

Rivals says Chad Voytik is using his work ethic to succeed

Ron Cook says there was no shame in the basketball team losing to Florida

Athlon has a list of top basketball coaches never to make a Final Four. Guess who's on the list, boys and girls.

Former Pitt running back LaRod Stephens-Howling played in a sled hockey game as a fundraiser

The Pitt News has updates on Pitt's recent basketball transfers

Andrea Adelson at ESPN says Pitt football is a dark horse to win the Coastal Division - I've said that before and agree. Not sure I see it happening, but the schedule is in their favor.

The ACC Basketball Tournament will be back in Greensboro in 2019 and 2020 after their trip to the Barclays - Not a huge surprise here. While the tournament has made some different stops over the years, it primarily has remained there.

The tennis team continued to struggle against better opponents, losing 6-1 to No. 8 North Carolina

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