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Poll of the Week: Tom Savage's NFL career

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We've all heard the positives - big kid, strong arm, and just downright tough. But what do you really think about Tom Savage when it comes to the NFL?

Regarding the draft, it's really kind of a tossup to me. I could see a team falling in love with him and wanting to bring in some insurance at quarterback with a late-middle round pick, getting picked late, or going undrafted. I don't follow the draft all that closely, but if you asked me to guess, I'd say that someone takes a shot on him just because of the frame and arm. But who knows, really?

The big thing for me has been the decision making. He had a relatively modest nine interceptions last year, but there were an inordinate number of balls, it seems, that could have been picked. It's hard to tell sometimes if an interception is on the quarterback or the receiver, but Savage seemed to make some really poor decisions at times.

One huge positive was the deep ball, of course. He had Devin Street and Tyler Boyd to throw to, but even that isn't a guarantee for success. Savage really throws a decent ball and has an NFL arm for sure.

Despite where he gets picked or ends up as a free agent, I'm curious to know what you think about his NFL potential. Being a starter might be too much to ask, but can he be a long-term backup? Out of the league in a few years? Not even making a roster?

Weigh in.

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