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He's Back! Pitt re-hires Todd Graham to coach offense.

Pitt shocks the world by shaking up their football staff

Jared Wickerham

In a stunning turn of events, Pitt football head coach Paul Chryst is going in another direction after a few spring practices and has abruptly fired offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph. Feeling the offense was a bit too predictable, Chryst went to AD Steve Pederson and made a move that was sure to turn some heads. Pitt was able to lure back one-time head coach of the Panthers, Todd Graham, to run the offense for 2014.

On the surface, the move seems odd with the ugly split Graham and the Panthers made when he resigned a few years ago. But Chryst pointed to the effective spread offense that is capable of scoring in bunches and had an ace up his sleeve as well.

Cardiac Hill has learned that Graham has a seventh cousin living in the Peters Township area and that made the move a no brainer. Graham reportedly/possibly said "I miss my cousin and my wife's sister-in-law also has a cousin who has a step-son, whose uncle lives in Bethel Park. So it made it really easy on us knowing all of the family we have there."

You've been had. This is not real. Cardiac Hill wishes you a Happy April Fools Day. That is all.