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Pitt football coach Paul Chryst to appear on Dancing with the Stars

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt football head coach is a busy man these days with Spring practices, recruiting, and the upcoming season. Still, word leaked out that he'll have one more thing on his plate later in the year:

An appearance on Dancing with the Stars, according to some unnamed sources.

First things first - Chryst's personality doesn't exactly come off as bold enough to be on the show. That said, it will be interesting to watch. I mean, what will be his signature? The Fox Trot? The Tango? Perhaps the Big Apple (yeah, I better YouTube that one since I'm skewing pretty old there).

Seriously, you know how this happened, don't you?

Word has it that a high (or low) ranking TV executive saw it and knew that Chryst was their man, even citing the obvious - that with some help Chryst might not actually be all that bad. Plus, they needed to find someone since Mike Greenberg kept bugging them about getting on the show.

Look, this is kind of cool. I guess. Right? Right?!? Whatever you think of it, it will give the university a bit of much-needed exposure and that's always a good thing. Plus, we get to see the coach dance again - and that just makes it all worth it.

You've been had. This is not real. Cardiac Hill wishes you a Happy April Fools Day. That is all.