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Poll of the Week: Do you really care if Pitt has a spring game?

Pitt has nixed their spring game in favor of an additional practice and fan festival. Does it matter?

Chad Voytik will not be on display to the public this spring.
Chad Voytik will not be on display to the public this spring.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt has joined Oklahoma State and TCU as teams that will not have a spring game this season. Texas A&M will also not have one, but that was due to stadium construction. The burning question is this: do you even care? We ask this question in this week's poll.

Are you really mad at Paul Chryst for using an extra practice instead of having a glorified scrimmage? Some are upset now, but the game's low attendance figures prove that interest was generally pretty low. We have tackled this topic in this very blog previously and it is obvious that many are upset by this move.

Pitt is also not completely shutting fans out of the mix. They will have an event to give people an inside look at the football program. Is that enough to feed your hunger for more Panthers football or does it just not cut it? Are you hoping that the game was nixed simply due to depth issues? If that is the case, will you show up next season if the game is brought back? Let us know in the comments section below.

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