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Lamar Patterson named as honorable mention for All-American team

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A few days late on this, but it warranted some recognition. Pitt forward Lamar Patterson was named as an honorable mention to the Associated Press' All-American team.

Patterson faded a little down the stretch but overall, had a strong season. He finished with 17.1 points per game and despite the struggles, was really a go to guy for the Panthers. I chided him quite a bit for failing to make a first-half impact a lot of games, but it's not fair to overlook all the times he kept Pitt in games and turned in superhuman second-half performances.

The thing that's also difficult to look is just how much he did for the team. The fact that he's a 6'5" forward and led the team in assists (4.3) and was second in rebounds (4.9) is pretty impressive and it speaks to the overall game he had. Defensively, his 1.4 steals also ranked third. Even when he couldn't score, he'd often fill up the box score with several rebounds and assists by halftime.

Nice to see him get some recognition nationally on his way out.

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