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Poll of the Week: What happened to The Pete?

What was the biggest reason for Pitt's lack of a home court advantage last season?

The Zoo will look to bounce back next season.
The Zoo will look to bounce back next season.
Justin K. Aller

When Pitt officially moved to the ACC this past season, one thing not many doubted was that ACC foes were in for a wake up call when they traveled to Oakland for a road game. The Petersen Events Center provided a backdrop that very few other schools could compare to and of course, there was the always intimidating student section: "The Zoo."

Instead, this past season ended up being very up and down for Pitt and the home court wasn't nearly the advantage it has been in the past. The Panthers lost five conference games at home and overall, they ended up 4-5 against ACC foes. Some would say that wasn't bad, but when a team has had such a dominant home record in years past, a .500 conference record won't cut it.

Was it The Zoo? Was it the alumni? Was it just adjusting to the conference? Or was the team just not all that good? One thing is for sure: The Pete took a bit of a hit to the reputation this past year. As you can tell from our fine site, the ACC schedule was released for the next two years and one thing is certain - Pitt needs to defend its home court a little better if they want to maintain the reputation of The Pete as one of the toughest places to play.

So just what was the problem? That is what we ask in the poll of the week.

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