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Petersen Events Center ranked No. 14 college basketball arena by Stadium Journey

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Stadium Journey, the foremost authority on all things related to sports stadiums, put together an interesting list that took a look at every college basketball arena in Division I. Small disclaimer here that I actually wrote for the site for a couple of months. The site recently completed their visits to each and every one, which is a supreme achievement considering there are 351 of them.

Stadium Journey ranked every single one and you can see the entire list here. The Petersen Events Center checked in pretty high on the list - at No. 14, to be exact:

Pittsburgh isn't known as a basketball town, but they love their Panthers. The Pete always has a pretty good crowd, but it is exceptional when they have a big game. The fans provide a consistent noise level that, while not deafening, certainly lets their presence be known. The most impressive part is how few of them leave their seats while the game is being played. Should you need to get refreshments while there, go during a timeout. The concourse is so empty that it's almost possible to get food and make it back to your seat before the game begins again.

Personally, I like the Pete. It's a big enough venue that it can get pretty loud and fit a decent number of fans, but it's small enough that even most of the uppers aren't bad seats. Getting into Oakland can always be a bit of an adventure, but that's also part of the allure - that it's actually on-campus.

Definitely head over and check out their full list of venues, as well as reviews of every single one.

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