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Cardiac Hill bracket contest (mercifully) comes to a close

Ronald Martinez

Yeah, I didn't have the stomach to show a UConn player celebrating - thus, cheesy Final Four stock photo insertion.

If you're like me, you tuned out of the bracket thing a while ago. I don't typically win these types of things, but I often finish respectably. Not so much this year. I had no Final Four teams and the things that crushed me included an Elite Eight pick of Creighton, and a Final Four of Arizona, Louisville, Virginia, and Kansas. Woof.

Safe to say, I didn't fare real well.

Some of you did do well, though. WilliamR won the whole shootin' match, picking two of the Final Four teams - Florida and Wisconsin.

I said I'd try to muster up a prize and though it's a little late for 2014, I have one of the Pitt program cover calendars I'll sent out. WilliamR - I'll be in touch with the email address on file with Yahoo for an address.

Thanks to all for participating.