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2014 NBA Mock Draft: Talib Zanna has a jump shot. And a three-point shot. Apparently.

Kevin C. Cox

With close to 4,000 followers on Twitter, needless to say, the site's account that I started a couple of years ago gets a lot of tweets thrown our way. Personally, I don't do much than monitor things from time to time there as I've got a personal account, but I do generally check out our mentions when I get a chance.

As you might expect, we get a lot of stuff messaged to us. Some junk, some not. But when I got a video of a Talib Zanna NBA pre-draft workout, I was pretty impressed once I had a chance to check it out.

Here's the link - be sure to watch it when you have a few minutes.

Zanna goes through some minor drills then begins a jump shot and three-point exhibition. Now granted - we're talking about a relatively small sample size here. But if you watch the video, you'll see an agile Zanna draining jump shot after jump shot. On two separate occasions, he knocks down five or six three-pointers in a row.

The first thing that stuck out in my mind were the Steven Adams reports last year that made him sound like Dirk Nowitzki after the Combine. We've seen Zanna hit some jump shots from outside so that wasn't terribly surprising. Still, considering the fact that he didn't tally a single made three-pointer in a game during his entire Pitt career, some of the things he did in the workout were a little unheard of.

All of that kind of underscores what I said at the time about Adams - that to keep in mind these were during drills. It's far different to do what Zanna did in an empty gym working with an instructor to even what Adams did at the Combine when there's the pressure of the Draft - not to mention doing it with defenders covering him in actual game time situations.

It also goes back to Jamie Dixon a little as I said after the Adams reports surfaced. If Zanna had any kind of a three-point shot, that certainly would have been a valuable weapon in drawing attention from himself out of the paint. If Zanna had any ability to hit long-range shots, I would have liked to see him get more of a chance to do that.

The bottom line is that if Zanna can display some of that shooting - particularly from long-range that would make him a viable outside threat, it would help his draft stock tremendously.

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