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Poll of the Week: Valuing Derrick Randall

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

All's been mostly quiet on the Pitt front these days with the football and basketball programs being out of season. That changed this week when Cullen Christian announced he was transferring and Derrick Randall was suspended after the report of a DWI.

Focusing on Randall here, the easy thing to do would be to speculate on what should happen to him. That's entirely unfair at this point, though, since we just don't know the facts. Point blank, I'm not going to randomly encourage people to speculate on what should happen when we know so little right now.

What we can do, however, is try to assess his value as a whole. That said, in light of the suspension (heck, even without considering that), where do you gauge his importance to the team as a whole? On the surface, it may be quite small. But don't forget - Pitt's frontcourt is really an issue with the departure of Zanna, the uncertainty surrounding Doorson, Haughton, and Uchebo. Randall is the only one of those three who played any significant amount of minutes last year.

Weigh in below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.