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Houston Texans Undrafted Free Agents: Tyrone Ezell to join Tom Savage in signing as UDFA with Texans; WWE career on hold

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 NFL Draft officially in the books, attention now turns to the undrafted free agents out there. Pitt will have several guys that draw interest and one has reportedly already signed.

Defensive lineman Tyrone Ezell is said to be joining Pitt quarterback Tom Savage down in Houston to play for the Texans:

Ezell had a decent year at Pitt and was part of a defensive line that really drew some criticism from me since there really was little production outside of Aaron Donald. But he's a big body that had 34 tackles this season for the Panthers. Ezell likely drew a little bit of interest with his showing in the Little Caesars Bowl where he recorded his only two sacks of the year.

Really, though, the big disappointment here is that the signing will put his WWE career on ice. Ezell, in case you missed it, is reportedly considering a career in pro wrestling if the NFL doesn't work out. Happy for him, but the thought of Ezell in an NXT or WWE ring is ... just a lot more interesting, to be honest.

Either way, congrats to the big man.

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