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Oregon State Coaching Candidates: Former Pitt coach Ben Howland reportedly passes on Oregon State job


Yesterday I posted in the weekly link dump that Ben Howland was a candidate for the Oregon State basketball coaching gig. That may have been true, but ESPN's Andy Katz says he's now out of the running:

A source told CBS Sports that they would be shocked if former NBA player Damon Stoudamire isn't the next coach there, FWIW.

Howland may not have his pick of jobs but as more and more become open, he should be a candidate for several in the future. There was the infamous ESPN article a couple of years ago about him losing control at UCLA that may hurt his stock, but overall, he's done good work at Pitt and Northern Arizona, as well as the earlier part of his tenure with the Bruins.

As Yahoo notes, the Beavers job was the last one available in a major-coaching conference. Barring something crazy happening in between now and next season with another opening up, Howland could be stuck waiting around for another year until more coaching changes are made. There are some possibilities, such as a college coach leaving for the pros. But for now, it looks like the former Pitt head coach may be sticking it out on the sidelines.

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