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Lesean McCoy's troll game is on point

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The troll game of former Pitt running back Lesean McCoy knows no bounds, really. Recently, McCoy came out and cracked the game of Tim Tebow, saying his two-year old son was better. He's not stopping there, though, and Shady has other people in his sights.

A lot of them, apparently.

At a charity event recently, McCoy downplayed the Giants' offseason moves and is less impressed than Mikayla Maroney. Shady had this to say:

"I'm not paying attention to the Giants. What've they done (this offseason)? Signed some guys. Big deal."

That was relatively minor. But McCoy then turned his sights to the Jets' quarterback situation where former teammate Michael Vick is now competing with West Virginia star Geno Smith. Much like Tebow, Shady doesn't think much of Geno:

"Vick is going to be the starting quarterback this year," McCoy told the Post. "He’s way better than Geno Smith. Way better. That’s no contest."


"The thing here was, he didn't lose his job -- he just got hurt and lost his job to injury. But as far as who's the better quarterback, he's way better than Geno Smith. That's obvious."

That's not been all, though. Shady didn't take much time to cool down, ripping the Buffalo Bills' running game as well a few days later because, well, why not? In speaking about former teammate Bryce Brown who joined the Bills, McCoy called him an automatic starter despite the presence of C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.

To the footage:

Jackson, as you would expect, had something to say about that:

Fans saying these kinds of things wouldn't be any big deal, but I'm amazed at the number of people he tends to call out. He's the kind of a guy a coach probably just wants to muzzle, but from the outside looking in, I've got no complaints.

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