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Zach Randolph Suspended: Randolph punches Steven Adams in Game 6 of Grizzlies-Thunder NBA Playoff game

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, former Pitt star DeJuan Blair was ejected (and subsequently kicking) Tiago Splitter. Like, right in the head. Looks like Oklahoma City Thunder rookie and former Panther Steven Adams wanted to get in on the act.

Unlike Blair, though, Adams was actually the victim.

Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph was assessed a foul when it appeared he shoved Adams in the face. However, replays concluded he actually went off and punched the former Pitt standout. Randolph, for his part, will now miss the crucial Game 7 due to something commonly known as thuggery and blatant stupidity.

But, hey - it's not as if this clown hasn't punched his way to a suspension before. We don't know exactly what went on and the play was physical during the game like almost any NBA playoff game is. But on the surface, Adams' only flaw appeared to be working hard. Go figure.

Once you watch the video, Randolph also either seemed surprised at what he did or tried to cover it up. Immediately after the punch, his hand uncurls, possibly to give the impression he was only shoving him. But the replay is pretty clear and while the league doesn't want to ruin Game 7s (and, no, conspiracy victims ... I'm not biting on the NBA wanting Durant in the Finals), they really had no choice but to give him the boot.

Strangely enough, Adams has actually had his hand in a number of ejections, suspensions, and fines this year. Two involved stars Vince Carter and Nate Robinson, who were suspended and fined, respectively. All told, this is now the fifth player Adams has gotten suspended, fined, or ejected from games. Still, even if he was being physical, it's not possible to justify getting punched square in the face.

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