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2014 NBA Combine and Draft: Lamar Patterson interview at the Combine

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A little late on this, but Lamar Patterson gave an interview at last week's Combine. I already touched on a lot of teams showing some interest in the Pitt forward and he mentions some of that here. But among the things Patterson also mentioned were the areas he's working on the most.

I wrote before the Combine even began that Patterson needs to be able to sell himself as a guard since he's a little undersized for an ideal small forward. Specifically, here's what I said:

Two of the best things Patterson could showcase would be a consistent jump shot and ball-handling skills. At 6'5", he's a little shorter than the ideal small forward in the NBA, so he needs to show some value as a guard.

So you can imagine that I wasn't all that surprised when Patterson said he's working on three things in particular. In addition to agility, he's focusing his efforts on his shooting and ball-handling.

It's pretty clear that if Patterson is getting into the league, he's got to show a bit of versatility. That's not to say he could never play as a small forward, but Patterson will more than likely be viewed as a guard or guard/forward combo of sorts.

Here's the entire interview and it's only a few minutes long - worth your attention even though there's nothing earth-shattering.

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