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Poll of the Week: Will Pitt have a player selected in this year's NBA Draft?

Will Pitt land another player in the NBA?

Lamar Patterson and Talib Zanna will be looking to reach new heights.
Lamar Patterson and Talib Zanna will be looking to reach new heights.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA draft is on June 26th and with the lottery selection now over and with the combine over, the question is now if Lamar Patterson or Talib Zanna be drafted in late June.

Patterson and Zanna both have two things in common: As seniors, each is mature and has a significant amount of game experience in college. Both have also shown steady improvement from year to year. Patterson was invited to the Combine and while Zanna did not, he is drawing interest as well. We'll be honest here and say that Zanna is probably headed for a tryout more than hearing his name selected in about a month, but Patterson is anybody's guess.

Despite an injury this past season, Patterson put up 17.1 points with 4.9 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. Zanna finished the year with 13 points, 8.6 boards, and nearly a block per game. Both dealt with some injuries during the season as well.

Last year with Steven Adams, Pitt was a lock to have a player drafted. This year, however, offers no such guarantee.  What do you think will happen on Draft day?

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