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Steven Adams a factor in Thunder's Game 7 win over Memphis Grizzlies

Ronald Martinez

When last we saw former Pitt center, he was busy being punched in the face by the Memphis Grizzlies' Zach Randolph. Randolph the hot head was rightly suspended and could have cost his team as the Grizzlies were bounced from the NBA playoffs by Adams' Thunder in a 120-109 loss.

Oklahoma City won Game 7 and will move on to the Western Conference Semifinals. Up until the game, Adams had been used sparingly despite veteran Kendrick Perkins continuing to eat up minutes with little production. Through the first five games, Adams was logging only about four minutes per game. Things changed in Game 6 when he got 20 and in Saturday's Game 7, Adams played 25 minutes.

More importantly is what he did with them.

Adams didn't have a monster game and only pulled in one rebound. But the big man had eight points, making all three of his field goals and two of his three free throws.

I'm interested to see how the minutes at center play out over the next series. Perkins had been averaging more than 20 a game in the postseason but sat back and only played ten in Game 7. It will be interesting to see if Adams' solid game earns him more minutes as the team moves on.

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